Welcome back to The San Marino Story, The Ultimate San Marino Challenge. This is the second season review where we will look back at the transfers, results and players of Juvenes Dogana. We were looking to build on our first season and qualify for Europe through any means possible, with the ultimate goal being to win the championship and qualify for the Champions League (or champions cup if your like me and haven’t downloaded a name fix).



These are the transfer made during the season. On the outgoings list was a few players who retired and the loss of Marco Bernardi, a player who had been on loan in the first season and looked like the ideal upgrade for our target man position but never performed complained about the lack of playing time as soon as he returned from injury and was just useless. On the incoming though was a different story, mainly getting in young regens poached from other teams. I also got in two real player, William Innocenti and Massimo Broccoli who did not feature at all.

Here is a look at a couple of the more impressive regens. Don’t expect wonderkids as this is San Marino an attribute over 10 is a rare sight.

Stefano Gobbi

20170109195500_1 A class player by San Marino standards, by which I mean he has 9 attributes that are 10 or over. Sure he only has 5 dribbling and first touch but that can be worked around. He will mostly lead the line for us this season.

Manuel Felici


Oh Manuel you had so much promise. Or that’s what I thought. He was the first regen I saw when scouting the other teams and was drawn to the high attributes. I was not expecting players Like Gobbi to enter the frame so snapped him up. Only when he signed did I see the 1 work rate, vision and concentration. He will probably be 2nd or 3rd choice throughout the season.

Lorenzo Cesarini


A signing that was needed to improve the team but one I was reluctant to make. Riccardo Santini had been first choice right winger for me and was in the favoured personnel but was getting old and realistically this signing was needed. Much like al the wingers in the league Lorenzo is not great at dribbling but can put a good ball into the box, which is why I use a target man. He also has decent work rate and teamwork which is important for the tactic which I will get to later on.

The other player are not as impressive as these guys and are not screenshot worthy. They will be fringe players or go into the under 19s squad to develop, which is a bit of a challenge considering our appalling facilities.



This tactic was going to be our more attacking one that we used during games I expected us to win in. I know it has a defensive mentality but it also has a lot of attacking roles and duties. It also has a more direct passing game and contains a target man, both of which I am trying to implement but I am struggling massively to get it to work. Compared to last season this is not as long ball, more just quicker transitional play to the target man.

20170112193303_1  This tactic is the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve going forwards compared to last season but after reading Cleon’s brilliant School of Defensive arts it aims to concede as few goals as possible. The main differences between this and the other tactic are all in the roles and duties because even though I am willing to change my philosophy on long ball I don’t want to go to crazy and change my shape from a 4-4-2. I have changed the wingers to wide midfields attack as they will help out more defensively, the full backs are now full backs on support, the target man has changed to a deep lying forward and the central midfield pairing is now a deep lying play maker on support alongside a ball winning midfielder. This is a more possession based safe tactic which will mainly be used in games I expect to lose.



As you can see we had a indifferent league campaign but did not lose to many, which is key to qualifying for the champions playoff rounds. We did not win our group as we came second again. This set up a tie against Tre Penne in the first round where we dispatched them 1-0. This set up a 2nd round clash with old favorites Virtus who beat us 1-0. However due to the crazy rules we then had to play Pennarossa to keep our European dreams alive.

20170112195504_1 We beat them 2-1 and then went on a great run beating La Fiorita 4-1, Folgore 1-0 to set up a final against you know who, Virtus. A true blockbuster event that had to go to extra time to decide the winner. We took the lead in the third minute through goal machine Gobbi, only for them to reply a minute later. We then scored one just before half time which would put the game to bed as we rarely conceded more than 1 goal. But they struck back after half time. Team talk out the window, I thought, only for us then to instantly reply. Renzi, the central defender from our youth intake in the first season then scored an own goal in the 74th minute to set up a cagey last 15. No-one scored and it would go to extra time. The boys were up for it as I pulled out on hell of a team talk with everyone responding well, apart from Gobbi who might be deaf as it constantly says he didn’t seem to be listening but I don’t care as he scores goals. And that is exactly what he did with two goals in extra time within 3 minutes of each other, Virtus could not reply and the title was ours. Champions league here we come. We did not improve on our cup run from the first season going out in the quarter finals again but I just put out a mix of fringe players and promising youngsters as the board don’t care about the cup.

Youth Intake

I forgot to take a screenshot of this years youth intake and as you have probably seen I take all my screenshots way to late. It was a poor intake with this guy being an ok full back, would like him to have higher work rate and team work. He is decent defensively so will training his crossing and hope he improves. 20170112201329_1


A decent midfielder who I would like to train as a deep plying play maker so he can slot into both systems. May push for a starting place in the future depending on the quality of central midfielders about.

Right that is it for now. Next season we will go on our European adventure, don’t expect much we will most likely get knocked out in the first round. Thanks for reading and if you want to know any more ask me via my twitter @RoamingRegista.


The San Marino Story, The Ultimate San Marino Challenge. Season 1


Hello and welcome to my first season review of this God forsaken challenge. I am going to get right into it by showing you the transfers, tactics and final result.



As you can see we spent big. With all teams in San Marino being amateur (apart from the one who plays in the Itailan league) there is no transfer budgets but you basically have to offer contracts every 2 minutes to keep your own players. I managed to poach a few players but the two main signings were from the free agents market.

Michele Conti

20170109182931_1 Here we have our flying winger and well that’s it he can run reasonably fast. Bit worrying that he is one of our best players. Another annoyance is that he can only play in one position so I will have to think about this when making my tactic.

Federico Rinaldi


A solid centre back is all that can be said really. Normally I would like my centre backs to be taller but beggers can’t be choosers so I decided to go for someone with reasonable attributes over a tall fella who can just about stand on a football pitch.


I made two tactics for the season, one very simple one another complex one as I had read on a forum somewhere that it doesn’t matter how well your players can play the role it was how the roles played within a team.

20170109190619_1 This is my simple 4-4-2 inspired by Mike Bassett. I basically want to get the ball into the target man who would flick it onto my poacher to score or get it out wide so the target man could attack a cross. I also wanted to keep it tight at the back, however this turned out to be quite the challenge with the quality of players in San Marino.


This tactic was a bit more Italian. I planned to use this for the more difficult games as I thought it would be defensive. However I could not work the roles to get the right balance, it was either too attacking or too defensive. Towards the end of the season I binned off the idea. I also think that the forum post I  read was wrong, player do need to understand the roles they play. I won’t be trying complete wing back and complete forwards in San Marino again in a hurry.


The part that every manager is judged on. Lets see how Juvenes Dogana got on in their first season.



The league system is a bit strange and I haven’t got my head round it yet, however we finished second in our group and went on to play Virtus in the first playoff round where we beat them 2-0. Now I thought we would progress on and Virtus were knocked out, so on we went to the second playoff round where we lost to Folgore 4-1 and therefore believed we were knocked out. Only to find we had to play Virtus again! Virtus had played the third playoff round after their loss to us and had won meaning the progressed to the fifth playoff round and played us. This time they beat us on penalties after 2-2 after extra time. This meant we were out of the league and Virtus progressed onto the sixth round where they beat La Fiorita 2-1. They then moved onto the minor semi final where they played Libertas and beat them with another 2-1 win. This meant they were going to play Folgore in the final. They managed to beat them on penatlies after a boring 0-0.

So I am still confused by the rules but all I know is that Virtus won even though we beat them in the first round (I’m not bitter but I do now hate them).

We also have a cup competition over here in San Marino and I think the rules are a bit easier to understand.


So there are four groups, three made up of four teams and the other made up of three. The top two teams from each group progress through to the quarter final. Guess who we met in the quarters? Virtus again, I sure do love meeting these guys. They beat us 1-0 and we were out. They went onto the semi finals where they met Tre Fiori and lost 2-0 after extra time. This set up a Tre Penne v Tre Fiori final which Tre Penne came out of on top with a 2-1 victory.

Youth Intake

If you don’t get excited by youth intake day then why do you play football manager? Playing in San Marino I didn’t have high hopes for the intake and it only produced two players of note. (Apologies that the screenshots are slightly in the future, I am addicted to fm and can’t stop playing)

Daniele Renzi


Ok for a centre back in San Marino but needs to work on his heading. Hoping mentals will improve with age and game time. His physicals are ok and has decent pace compared to others in my squad and the league. I will put him on a training regime to improve his strength and then his heading. Hopefully will get them both into double figures but my facilities are awful.

Gian Luca Benvenuti


Again an awful regens by most standards but a good option for Juvenes Dogana. Will train him as a target man due to his decent height.

That is all I can think of for this post. If you would like to know anything else leave a comment or ask me on Twitter @RoamingRegista. Thanks for reading.

P.S I would really like to play direct football but can’t find any decent tactic forums that talk about hoofball essentially apart from this one (https://community.sigames.com/topic/359707-a-pulis-for-2016-leeds-longball/). Any help would be much appreciated.


The San Marino Story, The Ultimate San Marino challenge

Hello and welcome to my new blog where I attempt the San Marino Challenge with a twist. I have downloaded a database change (http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm17-leagues-megapack-by-claassen.html) and will attempt to make San Marino the greatest footballing nation of all time by making a team from the Sammarinese league a lean mean winning machine, but I will be amazed if I can get them to a major international tournament. I will do this by hopefully using the success my team to move the league and national team up the rankings. Now I hear you ask “What team are you managing?”

Meet The Team


Juvenes Dogana are an amateur team who play in the San Marino League who were formed in 2000. According to FM they list Massimo Bonini as a legend, he was a Sammarinese footballer who played for teams such as Juventus, Bologna and Cesena alongside players such as Michel Platini. He refused to play for Italy as San Marino were not recognised by FIFA and UEFA. He started at Juvenes Dogana but I think they dissolved and were then started up again. 20170107192818_1

Meet The Manager

Callum Muttock, hardly a household name. However he is now the manager of Juvenus Dogana.20170107193306_1

Hardly world class. Some of you witty readers(if any readers) will have noticed that I have already played a season and a half. Now the formation is typically Italian but I do not always play it sometimes go for a classic English 4-4-2.

Meet The Squad


Our last line of defense, even though he doesn’t look anything special and lets face it he isn’t. Probably the fourth best Sammarinese goalkeeper and second best in the league after the legend that is Aldo Junior Simoncini.


Manuel Battistini is the teams best player according to my assistant so you can see what level I am working at. He only has two attributes over 10! To be fair there are not many really low ones and is reasonably well rounded good offensively and defensively.


20170108154416_1 These two are my midfield maestros, both are reasonably similar both reasonably defensive. They are reasonably well rounded and are regulars in the national team but are not guaranteed starters for San Marino, for Juvenus Dogana they are vital to any success we will have early on.

Now that’s all for the introduction I don’t know how often I will post these updates but hopefully the 1st season review will be out soon. My blog posts won’t be really long but if you want to know anything then just ask me on Twitter @RoamingRegista

Thanks reading!

First blog post

Well here I am and it looks like your here as well. I am a massive football enthusiast and I love to play Football Manager. I enjoy any save but I mainly go for the long run, the ones that I probably won’t achieve. I am not very good at, well anything in football manager, but my greatest achievements are guiding my local team from the tenth division of English football to the top of the premier league and getting a team from San Marino to the quarter finals of the Champions League. The San Marino Challenge is my favourite  type of save. I put my own twist on the San Marino Challenge by adding the Sammarinese League and taking a team from there. Like I said I like a challenge and one I probably won’t complete. Anyway don’t know if I will post anything until FM17 so this it really.

Have fun, Play FM.